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Ultimate Winter Driving Tips

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Americans love their cars — especially the classics. Coupled with a long road trip, well, it doesn’t get better than that.

This winter, three vintage cars from the LeMay — America’s Car Museum will make the trip of a lifetime when they participate in The Drive Home, a 13-day journey from Tacoma, Washington, ending in Detroit to coincide with the opening of the 2016 North American International Auto Show.

The ride will follow a 1957 Chevy Nomad, a 1961 Chrysler 300G and a 1966 Ford Mustang as they make their way back “home” to The Motor City from Dec. 27 to Jan. 8. To ensure the drive is safe and without incident, Michelin North America will be literally helping the caravan roll.

“Traveling from the Pacific Northwest to Detroit that time of year will certainly offer some winter weather challenges along the way,” says Ron Margadonna, Michelin tire expert. “We’re excited to help ensure the rally is a safe and comfortable one with proper winter tires for each of these beautiful, classic vehicles.”

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Years ago, making this journey during the winter would have been nearly impossible because the tire technology just wasn’t the same as it is today. Now that the vehicles can be outfitted with technologically advanced winter tires, the cruise should be safe and seamless.

Whether you’re driving cross country or across town this winter, consider these tips to help make your ride safer:

1. Take care of the outside: Check essential safety components like your tires, headlights and windshield wipers. Make sure you have proper tire pressure and enough tread, that your headlights are bright, and that your wipers are clean and in good working condition. If the temperatures are still mild, it’s also a good time to give your car a good wash and a protective coat of wax.


2. Have the right type of tire: All- season tires are effective for three seasons and in regions with light-to-moderate winter weather. However, when winter precipitation is greater and/or when temps approach the freezing point and below, all-season rubber compounds begin to stiffen enough to compromise traction in emergency maneuvers or panic braking. If you’re driving in a climate where the temperature consistently approaches the freezing point, consider winter tires like the MICHELIN X-Ice Xi3 to better manage winter conditions.

3. Have a winter ready kit in the trunk: Be sure you know where your ice scraper or snow brush is. It’s not a bad idea to have an extra set of gloves and boots in the trunk, as well as a shovel, ice melt and jumper cables. Hopefully you’ll never need them, but better to be safe than sorry!

For more information, visit www.michelinman.com.

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